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Job search strategies for executive level leaders: tips and tricks

Executives, once at that exclusive and illustrious level, no longer have the luxury of applying for a job through the regular means which were available to them during the earlier part of their career : an ad in the paper, or on an online job board, or just randomly approaching target employers and Search Consultants by mailing a CV, due to the Financial crisis that struck Europe in 2008 there is less success rate in doing the latter. CXO opportunities are on top of that most of the time not advertised or declared vacant so how do you look for your next role ?


Executives need to reconsider the PUSH Strategy and employ a PULL Strategy and this requires a switch in their mindset that they have to get acquainted with.

Apply 4 essential steps that can help you with getting the next position or manage a career change :


Without a personal brand strategy, it will be difficult to get on the radar for the ever elusive , € ½ – 1 million plus income. You already have a ‘brand’ for sure, whether you are aware of it or not.

Like all brands and products, it is a continuous set of criteria and steps that you take to travel up that income scale, while fighting for that same income with other executives who are also working on theirs.

So start with one fact : YOU ARE A BRAND. Create your onw successful personal branding ; it is based on its ability to create in the mind of your prospective customers or employers that there is no product ( in this case, YOU, a person) in the market quite like you.


Get acquainted with the Online Social Media and Search Engines such as Google and start promoting your personal brand.

Be aware : there is the right way of going about this and the wrong way of doing the same. The wrong way may be as damaging to your career and brand, as the right way can explode your career to new heights.


Targeted, relationship networking.\r\nIdentify your market niche and network within it.

Get connected to people, add value to their lives individually and build a sustainable relationship with them.

Connect with a handful of CXO’s in your industries of preference and the equally relevant search consultants because those are the people that will reciprocate the value that you are adding to them, when the time comes.

If you are not yet on Linked In : get on Linked In. it is an extremely powerful and completely flexible tool for your personal brand development and promotion.


But do it on the right moment ! The best time is when you just received an award, received a huge bonus, got a promotion, in other words when you are on the RISE you have to build your relationships for the future.

The worse time to contact a Headhunter of Recruiter is when you are made redundant or after you have resigned because it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the headhunter to help and the recruiter may or may not have an opportunity to do so. Most of the time they do not have. Executives should understand that a Headhunter or a Recruiter ‘s ability to help in making a quick introduction to an employer is limited to the position they have open.