willing to relocate

Because you are looking for people who want to relocate to places all over the world :

Professionals who like to relocate for interesting work opportunities and move from one place to the other are most of the time professionals who already have lived abroad and like working abroad ; it is in their DNA and in their family’s DNA and those are the professionals we can find for you

female professionals

Because you are looking for more female professionals in engineering and in senior managerial positions :

Chemistry, construction, engineering are areas where women are still under represented. WO MAN Worldwide Recruitment wants to constitute a large database where women are as much represented as possible.

multicultural team

Because you want to hire managerial profiles that are experienced in managing multicultural teams in your divisions abroad ;

experience the world

Because you want to hire sales profiles that are experienced in selling in a particular area of the world to expand your business ;

you are fed up with ...

– You always get presented the same candidates from the same pool/same network/same schools and same background coming in through a relational network, not through a real search methodology for the best experience, for the best personal/cultural fit etc.. ;

– Losing the ownership because the local consultant of the big international firm has to hand over the search to his international counterpart  ; in cases of some countries the ownerships goes completely over to the international partner and therefore the added value of your local partner for your Search  decreases enormously ;

– Hearing that a search is quite feasible and at the end it is not ;

– Hearing there is no commitment to results in Search , it is a sheer exploration of the market ;

– Too heavy and too expensive candidates for a certain position that are presented because of the height of the fee that goes along and as a result of that the very high pick up fee ;

– Additional unnecessary expenses like hotels, flights, diner expenses etc ;

– Headhunters that take up the role of an HR Director and advising the Customer about his CXX level positions where they do not have any background for that or have followed the appropriate courses in order to be able to do that  so fed up with career development assessment and potential assessment by headhunters with a pure business background.

– Headhunters who pretend to have an affinity with international profiles but never lived abroad and do not know the real work challenges of an expat for instance multicultural people management;

– Headhunters who put on grey suits and stay in their ivory tower ; who receive an assignment and then sit on it for a couple of weeks before they start to work on it;

– With choosing for a particular Consultant and getting the Researcher !

– Headhunters who never did one minute of Research and do not know how the market is evolving ; too much into the moment, lack of vision ;