WO MAN Worldwide Recruitment is a Recruitment Firm founded in the spring of 2014 and located in Brussels, Belgium, the heart of Europe.

WO MAN’s purpose is to provide companies all over the world with excellent professionals in Sales & Marketing, Engineering and C-level positions for 4 specific industries: industry, chemistry, construction and energy and to help them in the hiring and relocation process.

Having worked for years in association with different Search Firms, and knowing the Search profession through and through, I started my own company with a different, more integrated and international approach.

During these years I captivated the frustrations coming from companies working with posh and very expensive headhunters with dollar signs in their eyes for the C-level positions; with ‘no cure no pay’ companies for the technical and engineering profiles that showed to have very little ethics and with Middle Management firms that had the same price settings as the Executive Search Firms, but did not do the same job in assisting the client with his choice of his Executive Committee.

Many candidates are frustrated or disappointed in dealing with Search Firms because of; no feedback, no follow-up, heaps of effort and time spent in procedures that resolved in nothing.



With WO MAN Worldwide Recruitment, I will bring some solutions to these frustrations.rnSome can be solved; other will remain for a while. Our purpose is to improve the processes and the results as much as we can, as well for the companies as for the candidates.Living in a labor market that has become multi-lateral with labor moves going in all directions over the globe, one must have a global approach. The specific knowledge on specific sectors, a long experience with professionals at different levels in combination with my values, we should make your ideal partner for International Recruitment. Recruitment is a passion and I am a very happy professional. So, who else can try to make your company and your work life happier than a totally happy professional?

Dear Customer, Dear Candidate, looking forward to work FOR and WITH you and trying to make work life a big joy.

CHRIS ARYS – Brussels, June 2014


values we share


Open mindedness


Being passionate